Top 4 Reasons Why We Will Cloth Diaper

I already heard about cloth diaper/cloth diapers before I got married. I was set to make a vacation in the Philippines for Christmas 2016 and was also planning a reunion with my college boardmates in Iligan (most are already married). So, we made a special thread for it and in one of the conversations two of the girls were talking about the cloth diapers they’re using for their babies. I got curious and started googling “cloth diapers”.

What Are Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are reusable diapers ( also called washable diapers and in the UK they are called cloth nappies) made from natural fibers, man-made materials, or a combination of both. These are the traditional way of containing pee and poo used by mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers all over the world before disposable diapers came into the market. These are the traditional, famous “lampin” that my Mama, Lolas, and Tiyas in the Philippines used during my childhood and that of my cousins. There are still a lot of mothers in my country who are using cloth diapers up to these days. Kudos to them!

Top 4 Reasons Why We Will Cloth Diaper

After so much “googling” and reading a lot of articles about cloth diapers, I was already convinced and decided that I’m going to give it a try on my own babies (the bana wants more, too). Five months or so into my pregnancy, I told the bana (my husband) about my plan and he initially finds it gross. But I explained to him my reasons and told him as well that there are already a lot of mothers all over the globe who are switching to cloth diapers because of so many benefits. He finally agreed and said that I’m always the boss when it comes to child and house care.:) Here are the top reasons that finally convinced the bana to cloth diaper with me:

1. Cloth Diapers are baby-friendly.

Cloth diapers are gentle on baby’s skin, unlike disposable diapers that contain harmful chemicals (according to like Dioxin, an extremely toxic by-product of the paper-bleaching process and is listed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)as a carcinogenic chemical, the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals; Tributyl-tin (TBT), a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems in humans and animals; and Sodium Polyacrylate, a type of super absorbent polymer (SAP), which becomes a gel-like substance when wet and is said to increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome by increasing absorbency and improving the environment for the growth of toxin-producing bacteria.

I have a mommy friend in the Philippines whose main reason for cloth diapering is to protect her baby girl from urinary tract infection. Protecting my baby’s skin is my priority, too.

2. Cloth Diapers are environment-friendly. released an article in May 2006 stating that nearly 8 million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK, which amounts to 3 billion a year and that more disposable nappies are found in UK household waste than anything else. While the Real Diaper Association estimated that 27.4 billion disposable diapers are consumed every year in the U.S. and that the estimated decomposition time for each disposable diaper is about 250-500 years, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone. What a scary and horrible fact!

Meanwhile, cloth diapers are reused 50 to 200 times before being turned into rags and most parts are biodegradable. also stated that The Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) said that by using cloth nappies and laundering them in an energy-efficient washing machine at 60C, parents can reduce global warming by 24 percent.

I want to help take care of the environment in my own little way, that’s why I’m so convinced to give cloth diapers a try.

3. Cloth Diapers are budget-friendly.

It is estimated by that each baby will need about 6,000 diapers during the first two years of life. It means that disposable diapers cost about $62.50 (53€) per month, $750 (634€) per year, or $1,500 (1,268€) over the full time a child is in diapers. And the figure increases if one opts for the more expensive or biodegradable brands.

But cloth diapers for one child can be bought for as low as $300 (254€). Even adding $150 (127€) yearly for the energy and detergent costs of washing cloth diapers will still give families a huge saving and the cloth diapers can still be used for the next baby/babies.

There are also others who are skeptical about the savings part of cloth diapers since they think that the cost of washing and drying cloth diapers will be more or less the same as the savings. But most modern cloth diapers are very quick-drying and can be line-dried outside or inside the house. And this is more convenient here in Spain since the sun is out almost all year round. We don’t have a dryer in our household, so, we always rely on the sun and we don’t have a problem with it at all. Even now that it’s starting to get cold, most of our clothes get dry in just one day when hanged outside and one day and a half to two days when hanged inside.

There are also some mothers who scared to try cloth diapers because they find it as extra work and it’s true. But I’m ok with it since I’ll be a full-time SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) once the baby arrives. So, I’ll have all the time I need to make it work. For now, I’m a full-time SAHW (stay-at-home-wife). 🙂

4. Cloth Diapers are way cuter than disposables.

I didn’t tell the bana about this anymore. The top 3 reasons were already enough for him. This last one is for me.:) During my early pregnancy, there were days when all I did the whole day was reading cloth diaper articles and looking at all the cute prints on different online stores. I was addicted for awhile. Fortunately, I got back to my senses and was able to resist the urge to splurge. I was able to complete my cloth diaper stash the practical way and still able to buy some cute prints. Yehey!

A cover all and 3 capri cloth diaper covers from Blueberry.
A coverall and 3 capri diaper covers from Blueberry. Aren’t they way cuter than disposables?

I’m already very excited to start using my cloth diapers that I kept on dreaming about them almost every night for almost a week now. 🙂

How about you, have you tried cloth diapers already? Would you give it a try on your baby or next baby? Let’s talk about it in the comment section.:)

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*** I have already reached my 40 weeks of pregnancy yesterday, October 12 (the official due date), but there’s still no signs of contractions and my cervical opening is still close based on the medical test done yesterday. This coming Thursday (on my 41st week), the test will be repeated and if there will be no sign of contractions yet, they have to repeat the test every 2 days until I reach my 42nd week. If no contractions yet, then they will induce the birth on October 26. Please pray for me and our baby, we don’t want an induced birth. We want to go natural, as much as possible.




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  1. Hello cille,i hope and pray that you will have a safe delivery and that the baby is safe too..I am so excited to see you and your baby on a picture..anyway,i enjoyed reading your blog.I used most of the time lampin for my 2 kids and true enough it did not cost me a lot..!!!thanks and i love you day!!!miss u so much

    1. Hello dys,
      thank you so much for your prayers. we really need a lot of prayers pra di ko ma induce ky until now close ghapon ahong puerta. pero dayyyyy as in pg tan aw naho sa date sa imong comment naa jdko na realize, ka super bad naho ky wa ko ka greet sa imo bday adtong Oct.14, pero sa laju pa ang 14 cge ko huna2x na inig ka 14 ang imo bday. huhuhuh. naunsa nlng. pasensya day, sign of aging na jd ni.hope you had a blast on your bday. hugs and kisses.

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