Mammi Bee and Pappi Bee.

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming here.

I am Julai, the “Mammi Bee”. This blog is created to document my new journey of becoming a wife and mom at 35! (Yes, you read it right, so if you are still single and feeling hopeless, cheer up!). I’m a Filipina from the Island Paradise of Bohol. I have been living and working in Barcelona, Spain for 8 years and I just got married last December 2016 to a Spanish/Catalan beekeeper, a.k.a. “Pappi Bee”.

The bana (Visayan term for husband) and I are on the same page when it comes to love for nature, farming and simple living. Two or three months into my pregnancy, my sense of smell started to act weird! I felt sick and irritated with the smell of the cleaning products that we were using and even the breath of my husband (I had to cover my mouth during bedtime without him knowing everytime he faces me!). I started researching about natural products and slowly switching the store-bought cleaning and beauty products we have with natural ingredients like coconut oil, baking soda and vinegar based on the reliable readings I’ve found on the internet.

Convincing the bana to slowly switch to natural products was soo easy because he was already into natural products before I even know him. He was already using baking soda as toothpaste and laundry soap. His breath smells so good that everytime he speaks, I want my nose to be near so I can smell his breath and his clothes smell soo good, too. Exactly why I asked about the laundry soap he was using (I didn’t asked about the toothpaste though). He said he only uses baking soda in washing clothes and even in brushing his teeth. I didn’t believe him at all, I thought he was just making up stories to impress me. 🙂 I believed when I saw it with my own eyes. One day, he invited me to his house and I saw proofs! I saw a container of baking soda in his bathroom sink and in his shower (yes, my eyes were observing when he toured me to his house). And then I saw another proof when I opened the lower cabinet of the kitchen sink: a bottle of liquid laundry detergent that was almost full and an a box of baking soda.

And since we got married I already made some diy cleaning products, lip balm, whipped body butter, pressed powder and deodorant following recipes from different bloggers who are already into natural living/lifestyle. Some of the ones I made were blah and not effective and some were a hit.

And I want to share all these to you, jus in case you haven’t heard about them yet and just in case you might be interested in slowly switching into natural products, too.


*** This page is a work in progress, it will be updated constantly as time goes by. 🙂