Reusable Produce Bags : Alternative to Single-Use Plastics.

Reusable produce bags are awesome! I was very happy when I learned about it while I was blog hopping two weeks ago! I immediately googled and instagramed it and after seeing different beautiful photos, I said to myself: I need to have some reusable produce bags NOW!

Reusable produce bags.
My own reusable bags.

What Are Reusable Produce Bags?

Reusable produce bags are similar to single-use plastics in appearance but they are just – reusable! 🙂 I always look forward to our grocery trips because I love looking, exploring the different aisles and reading labels. But keeping/storing the things we buy makes me sad as well because it makes me realize how we are generating a lot of plastic waste! Almost everything in the store is packed in plastic! Thus, my happiness when I found out about the bags, it’s the perfect substitute for single-use plastics. Zero-waste movement is one of the things I stumbled upon as I started reading/researching about natural living on the 2nd/3rd month of my pregnancy (you can read more about it here), thus the inspiration to lessen our plastic waste.

I immediately ordered a set of 9 from Amazon and took them for the first time to the grocery two days ago. I chose the ones from earthwise and  I love them so much! Instead of taking  single-use plastics to put the fruits and veggies, I use the reusable produce bags instead. But only few items in the grocery are unpackaged, so it’s really very difficult to get rid of plastic waste. That’s why i like the idea of bulk buying in a bulk store (but that will be another post). Yesterday, the bana and I went to the grocery and we were not able to use them because everything that we need to buy were packed in plastic! How sad.

Reusable produce bags are made of different materials. Some are cotton, others are polyesters, etc. The ones I got are made of polyester, definitely not an eco-friendly material, but atleast I’m going to use them for many, many years (hopefully they’re strong enough to last a lifetime). According to Green Living many companies now are finding ways to create polyester out of recycled plastic materials.

Make Your Own Reusable Produce Bags

I saw some instagram photos of DIY reusable produce bags that are made out of old curtains. I instantly remember the curtains we had when we were still kids. The kind that has small holes with flower and leaf designs. If you have some old curtains lying around, then you can use it to make your own reusable produce bags. You can also use old bedsheets if you like.

Do you already have reusable produe bags? Please feel free to share your tips in reducing plastic waste.

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