Baking Soda : the husband’s favorite natural ingredient.

I started googling about baking soda when my ex-boyfriend (now my dearest husband) told me that he uses baking soda as a toothpaste and as a laundry soap. I didn’t believe him at all! You can read more about it in the About page.:)

baking soda

I think we were on a date when he told me about it. So when I arrived in the apartment, I immediately googled the white powder that the only use I know is for baking and boom! was I flooded with articles of the many uses of baking soda . It is bicarbonato sodico here in Spain.

Baking Soda Love

My love for baking soda started a month or so after my bana(then boyfriend) and I became boyfriend-girlfriend. Indeed, life is full of surprises! Who would have thought that falling inlove with the bana will also pave the way of falling inlove with it!

After reading tons of articles about its beneficial uses, I was convinced so I instantly bought one to try. I first used it to brush my teeth after brushing with my regular toothpaste and it felt good. It gave me a feeling of having very clean teeth. I even bought 3 small containers to bring to the Philippines during our wedding (yes, the bana flew to the other side of the world just to marry me:) ), to make sure that the bana can have his daily dose of baking soda. My Mother used the rest of the baking soda we brought home and she loved it, too.

Uses of Baking Soda  in Our Home

Baking soda is a constant staple in our kitchen. We ran out of onions and garlics at times, but we always make sure that we’ll never run out of baking soda.¬† We are still exploring and learning on how to use it more, but as of this writing, here’s how we use baking soda in our home:

  1. baking – this is the only use I know of this amazing white powder before I met the bana. My employer before ordered a lot online coz she mistaken it for another household item.
  2. cleaning – I use it to clean the toilet following the recipe in the book Clean House, Clean Planet.
  3. degreasing – this is one of the uses mentioned in one of the articles that I read, so I tried it one day on the pan that we used in grilling meat. And true enough, it worked! I use it to clean greasy pans since then.
  4. soap – the bana use it as a soap until now . The bana still use our normal bath soap once in a while (yes, we still have our normal bath soap because i am not yet into baking soda as soap). But we always have a container of baking soda in our shower because the bana always reaches for it especially when he feels so dirty after working with the bees.
  5. toothpaste – though we have our regular toothpaste, but the bana uses it once in a while. I must be a bad influence of sort because when the bana was still single, he uses baking soda as a toothpaste all the time. Then we got married and I bought him a normal toothpaste. I should find a diy toothpaste with baking soda to make soon and start using once our regular toothpaste is finish.
  6. deodorant – yes, you read it right! We use baking soda on our deodorant, well, on the deodorant of the bana. I still have my store-bought deodorant, so I made one for the bana after his ran out. I followed the recipe from Mommypotamus and made it last July 2017 and the bana liked it very much. It really works!
  7. odor absorber – I put some inside the refrigerator if it smells bad.

Feel free to share how you use it in your home.

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